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6 times better protection against spam calls for your Android. For free

It has been more than 3 years since we released the Should I Answer app, which has been protecting you against all kind of spam calls. We have done a lot of work during this period: the app warns every day against 4 000 000 of spam calls, it blocks other 200 000 and saves average time of 63 000 seconds daily! But we didn't take a break.

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Even if something works there is always some way to improve it. So we have put the app under inspection. We have collected the most frequent suggestions fro you - our users - and found out the necessary solutions. So good news are coming :-)

We have released new Android application Should I Answer - Personal. This one keeps each unique features of the previous version and adds a lot of improvements.



You have full control over all your ratings. As a logged user via Google account you can easily adjust, edit, or delete your older ratings which was not possible in the previous version.


You don't have to solve the problem with import and export of your data with the purchase of a new phone. Just log in with your account - and that's it.


The app was designed to be easily used by anyone so don't be afraid to install it even to your grandma's phone :-) Bigger texts and dark theme can also make the usage easier for people with eye problems.


The new version can be used as a fully qualified dialer app. You will find everything you need there: complete call history, all your contacts and possibility to mark/select favorite contacts including pictures or the button for back calling.


Farewell to the pop-up windows! The previous version used pop-up windows to warn you against the unsolicited calls, new version is even more simple. The rating of the unknown number can be seen directly on the call screen.


The times are changing, during the development of this new version we have also included support of your smart watches. When someone calls you can see the number including its rating directly on your watches and you can even directly cancel the call from there.


Download the app from Google Play. And don't worry, it's for free. Thank you for being with us!

(Not an Android user? Let’s check the new app for your iPhone)