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How to add, edit or delete the phone number review

The Should I Answer application is based on user reviews for unknown numbers. We strongly believe that the only working protection is when people do help each other and share the information and experience.

Please don't keep the experience with unknown numbers for yourself, share it with other users - even in the case someone else already rated the number. More reviews means more help :-)


How to add or edit a review

Note: First of all - this is one of the functions you need to be a logged user to use. The reviews are published anonymously, but we need to pair it back to you in case you want to delete or update it in the future. Well, if you don't need it, you can still add the reviews directly on the our web page for the respective number...

You can simply add your own review and rating (or edit existing one) on the number detail - just click on the respective number in the list of all calls and then select positive or negative rating, category and if possible add some comment.

All your reviews and ratings can be found easily also under main menu (icon of the "hamburger" in the upper-left corner), where you can check, edit or delete the ratings - Your reviews menu item.


Rating rules for unknown numbers

  1. Always keep in your mind that you rate globally the service the respective number offers. Rate it truthfully and according to your best conscience (e.g. it is pointless to rate negatively a voicemail service number even the message in it was unsolicited or bad - remember that your review can cause its blocking in the community).
  2. Try to pick the most accurate category. If you are not sure about it select one of more general categories (e.g. most of the negative calls can fit under Unsolicited call) and try to avoid of using the Other category.
  3. If you have some information please add a comment to the rating where you describe your experience with the call. This will help the other users more than just a simple rating.
  4. We don't collect any private numbers, so please never rate private numbers! Use the blocking exception for them instead. The ratings and reviews with comments are stored in a public database where everyone can see them. If we recognize a private number among the records our admins will delete it.
  5. When connected to internet next time your reviews and ratings will be sent to our server. After checking them by our admins the data will be visible to public users. If we detect breaking of the service rules we will delete the respective rating or review from the database. Thank you for understanding.
  6. You can freely edit or delete any of your ratings. Any change will soon appear on our server, web pages and in the database.

Note: You full name is neither used nor sent to our server - for the rating we display the "SIAP" text only (Should I Answer Personal), if the rating is sent from the mobile app. If the rating was sent from the web page of the respective number the name (or nickname) you filled in the form is used - if you don't fill any name (or if you fill something which can't be used) the first part of your IP address will be used instead.