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How to adjust the application settings

To open the settings use the main application menu. It can be found in the upper-left corner, just press the hamburger icon.

In the settings you can:

  • check the account you are logged and change it if needed
  • check and adjust the general application settings
  • set basic and advanced call blocking
  • check and adjust how the alerts are displayed by the application

General application settings

This is the first screen opened just after pressing the Settings menu item under the main menu. In the general settings you can adjust the application performance and also the application look.

It contains:

  • account of the logged user, its icon, shortened name and the possibility to change the account by pressing the "Change" button (to invoke this functionality you must be connected to internet for the account authentication)
  • fast blocking settings
    • Block the calls according to YOUR ratings - if this item is active (button is green, set to the right), the application will take your own ratings into consideration for blocking of a calling number
    • Block the calls according to COMMUNITY ratings - if this item is active (button is green, set to the right), the application will take the community ratings into consideration for blocking of a calling number
Then please examine the General Settings:
  • Set the app as default phone application: (this menu item is visible only with Android 7 and higher) without this permission we can't guarantee the perfect application performance. The Android system doesn't allow to check and block the calls just "any" application. Most of such important core functions are dedicated to the default phone app only. In the case this permission is given the application icon in the status bar is hidden (if not otherwise set) - the application just waits for the Android system to start it when a call is conducted.
  • Keep the app running in background: we recommend to activate this item to speed up the application response time in catching the calls (even in the case the app is running as default phone app).
  • How to show ratings for unknown numbers: this item adjusts how the application will notify you about calls from numbers not stored in your contacts. Chose one of the following:
    • As a part of the call screen: the rating for unknown number will be shown directly on the call screen
    • As a pop-up alert: if some unknown number calls you we will display its rating in a form of a pop-up window
    • Don't show: the information about unknown number rating will not be displayed at all
  • Show the number information after the call: when the call with some unknown number is finished we will display after-call screen asking you to rate the call.
  • Show alert for numbers rated as unknown: for some numbers there are still no records in our database. Here you can chose if you want to display our alert also for such numbers.
  • Use dark theme: this item enables you to switch the application look between light and dark themes.

Blocking and advanced blocking

More info about how the blocking works and how to adjust it easily is described in detail in this section dedicated to blocking.


This is the last sub-menu from the general application settings screen. Here you can easily adjust in which form and if the application could display the notifications about actions taken by it.
  • Show alert as system notification: system notification can provide as a brief short info in the phone notification area.
  • Show blocked calls system notification: if our app blocks a call and this item is activated you will always be notified about the blocking action.
  • Show statistics notifications: if this item is activated the app will show statistics information about provided actions after some time.