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Call log

The screen with list of all calls is the default application screen. It contains the complete list of your phone calls including possible ratings and/or information which number was blocked.

By dragging the list a bit higher over the first line you will uncover the line with filter - you can select one of: All calls, Unknown calls and Blocked calls. By pressing the header of each column the list will change respectively. When dragging the list down the upper menu and this header row are automatically hidden to provide more space on screen. Also the dialer icon in the middle-lower part of the screen is hidden, when you scroll the screen up it will appear again.


The call log contains:

  • history of all incoming and outgoing calls including their times
  • rating of unknown numbers including their category and blocking reason (in case they were blocked)
  • fast callback button
  • favorite contacts (shift the screen to the right)
  • list of all your contacts (shift the screen to the left)

Possible actions on the screen:

  • open the contact detail by clicking on its icon
  • dial the number by clicking on the earphone icon
  • open the number (call) detail by clicking on other space of the record line
  • extended menu is available on long press of the phone number (contact name) with options:
    • Copy the number to the clipboard
    • Call the number
    • Send SMS
    • Copy the number to the dialer (if the number is already stored in your Contacts it will be pasted to the dialer screen without invoking the call - in case you should need to put some code before the number)
    • Create new contact (if the number is not stored in Contacts yet)
    • Contact details (if the number is stored in Contacts already)