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How were we calling in 2017? Patient Europe, co-operative Americans

Another year is over and because telemarketers were really busy in 2017, we have a few interesting numbers for you. What will you learn out of them? For example: where do live the most positive people in the world?


At first a few overall numbers.

In 2017, the Should I Answer app has:

  • checked more than one billion of unknown phone numbers
  • blocked more than 800 millions of unwanted calls
  • and spared more than 760 thousands of minutes a day, all around a world
Now let’s be a little bit more specific :-)

The most patient people live in Slovakia

The Should I Answer app can either block the numbers with negative reviews, or just warn against them. So we’ve looked into the way, how people in different countries treat all this “blocking thing”.

The least patient Should I Answer users live in Hong Kong. While Europeans, for example, prefer warning against spam calls to blocking them, in Hong Kong has the Should I Answer App blocked every third phone call during last year.

On the contrary, the biggest patience have people in Slovakia: out of 6 millions of checked phone calls, the app has blocked less than 1 percent of them. That means that the Slovaks (followed by Czechs and Austrians) prefer warning against nuisance call to completely blocking it.

Who think of the others most? The Americans

The Should I Answer app is a “from people to people” app. It uses a databasis of phone numbers’s reviews, which are provided by the users themselves. However, in different countries people treat these reviews differently.

So we’ve compared the total count of checked phone calls on one side with the total count of phone number’s reviews on the other side. And results? The comparison shows that most active users live in the USA: on the average, a new review is added after 126 phone calls. In this case, the Americans are followed by the Finns and the Argentinians.

The most positive people live in the Czech Republic

The Should I Answer app allows to its users to add not only negative, but also positive reviews. We were curious, so we’ve compared the total count of reviews in every country with the percentage of positive (or negative) reviews.

This comparison has shown that most positive people live in the Czech Republic. Almost every third review which was written there was positive. In contrary, the biggest disappoinment with nuisance calls experience people in Brazil: 94 percent of all brazilian reviews are negative.

Protect yourself against spam calls

The Should I Answer App has been protecting you since 2014. Recently, we released new, improved version. It’s called Should I Answer Personal and has the same functions as the previous version, but with much easier user interface. You can  download it for your Android for free :-) (Not an Android user? Let’s check the new app for your iPhone.)