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Can I block (or unblock) just one single number?

The Should I Answer application can either warn you or even block the negative calls. You can also set the blocking according to more criteria. More information about how the blocking works can be found in this separate article.

Well it's pretty clear that there should always be a demand for some exception from the predefined rules. You should need to block just one specific number or even you should need to block all negative calls except one specific number.


How to do it?

If you want to set the blocking exception for any number you can do it easily on the detail of such number (call). The detail can be opened by clicking on the number (call) in the list of all calls (call history screen).

On the bottom of the detail page you can find the information if the number is or isn't blocked (and why), and you can also set the so called blocking exception - and that's it :-)

Setting the blocking exception on the screen "Number details":

  • Scroll down, there are two switches at the bottom of the page
  • If you want to force the different blocking settings (behavior) for the specific number, use the first switch to activate the exception. The second switch then tells if the number will be blocked (switch on) or not (switch off).
  • The exception can be used e.g. for blocking of private numbers (which we don't want to see in the public community database) - such exception set is not sent anywhere, it's not a public review
The blocking exception, if set, is taken as the absolute priority when comparing more blocking rules set.