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Can I edit or delete my review?

Definitely yes, you can :-). Just click on the respective number to open the detail and easily edit (or delete) the review. Then after connecting to internet the change will be synchronized and stored also in our central database.

The detail of some number can be invoked either from the list of all calls (main application screen, in the call history), or you can edit your review from the main menu which can be found in the upper-left corner - the hamburger icon, then press the Your reviews menu item.

Note: First of all – this is one of the functions you need to be a logged user to use. We need to pair the review back to you to be sure you are the author. The second possibility how to delete some review is to open the respective web page with the number and press the basket icon under it - then send the filled removal request, our team will process it ASAP.