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How can I help the community?

The Should I Answer application is the application from people for the benefit of people. Thank you all that you are using it and for adding your own ratings!

If you like the app and if it helps you can contribute more. Click on the hamburger icon - on the main app screen in the upper-left corner - and check the menu Community for more options how to help. Any of your help is more than appreciated.


If you send just a single donation you will get rid of all advertisements in the application. More info about the financial part of the project and how you can send the contribution is written for you in this separate article.


If you like the app rate it at Google Play.  The Google Play review can help the new users in decision to join to our community. More users means more information.


Recommend our application to your friends, share the link on social networks, forums and blogs. Help to enlarge our community: more people, more information.


Don't keep the information about unknown calls just for yourself. You can write reviews and ratings either form the application or from the web pages.

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