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Upgrading from old version to SIA Personal - data backup

How can I backup my old SIA application and transfer the data to this new one?

If you were using our previous version of the Should I Answer application, please don't uninstall it before installing this new version. You can transport all your reviews from the old version to this new one (just the public ones, the private reviews are not transported - so please check the checkbox "Private review" for each of them, we really don't want to publish any of your private reviews).
  • When both versions are installed, deactivate the old version first: go to the Settings, scroll down to the "Monitor calls" and switch it off (just one blocking app should be active).
  • Then check if the old version is at least 711 or higher (open the About tab, and check the app number in the lower-right corner): if lower, update it first via Google Play.
  • In the old version, open the About tab, click on the EXPORT/IMPORT item and there click on EXPORT TO CLIPBOARD button.
  • In the new Personal version, open the ABOUT menu item, and the new line IMPORT FROM CLIPBOARD is shown: click on it and the reviews from old version will be copied to this new Personal edition. Check them in the YOUR REVIEW menu.
  • After this operation the old version can be uninstalled.
The IMPORT FROM CLIPBOARD button should disappear after the successful import. If it doesn't please reboot (restart) your phone - don't try to clear the application data (it would delete your reviews).

Well, both versions can be still installed on the same mobile phone, but just one should be active - this can prevent both apps fighting each other and trying to catch the same calls. That's why we recommend to power off the older version, and try the new one instead, in the first step.

If having any trouble with the import form clipboard, an error message will display - in such case try to paste the clipboard content to the "Report issue" form and send it to us with some description.