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Contacts and Favorite Contacts

When the app is started the basic screen is displayed with call history (middle screen). Together with this screen two more base screens are offered:

Favorite contacts

Under the star icon (left screen) - this tab contains icons for the contacts you have marked as favorite (on most phones just mark the respective Contact by the star on the contact detail).
  • Short click on the contact icon starts the call with the selected person.
  • Long press invokes the context menu where you can
    • Copy the number of the contact and then use it on some other place in your mobile
    • Call the number
    • Send SMS
    • Display the Contact details, where you can also remove the contact from Favorites again by pressing the star icon


Right screen - this tab contains the list of contacts stored in your mobile in alphabetical order. On the right side of this screen you can find alphabetical column for fast search through the contact list - if you want to move to some specific letter in the list just click on it or drag your finger on the column to reach the desired letter.


Possible actions:

  • Click on the earphone icon: starts a call to the respective number.
  • Click somewhere else on the contact line opens the contact detail
  • Long press on the phone number: if you hold your finger on the number for some time the context menu is invoked with following actions:
    • Copy the number
    • Call the number
    • Send SMS
    • Copy number to dialer (pasts the number to the dialer screen without calling the number - so you can e.g. write some code before the number before calling it)
    • Contact details