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Dead cat, lost love and the "breathing man". Read the most funny telemarketing stories

Read the most funny telemarketing storiesBeing a telemarketer, that’s not an easy job for sure. But being a potential customer, who’s being bothered by more and more spam calls every day, that’s not an easy thing either. Luckily, when there are two right persons on each side of a phone line, even telemarketing can turn into something unforgettable.

“I’ve been sitting at my desk for almost eight hours and, after thousands of phone calls I had to make that day, I was really exhausted,” says Martin, a 22-years old student originally from Prague, Czech Republic, who tries to earn some money in a small call center.

“My shift was almost at its end when my call answered this guy,” Martin continues. “He was really polite, but when I introduced myself and offered him our services, he responded: ‘Ok, I’m listening. But I should warn you, since I’m not wearing any clothes right now’,” laughs Martin.

Martin’s story amused us so much that we made some “serious research” among our friends and tried to find more telemarketing stories like this. Here’s what we’ve found :-)

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Long lost love

Let’s listen to Lenka first.
“The weirdest thing ever happened to me when working for a call center? Probably a guy who answered my call and didn’t say a word for the whole time. Literally. He was just breathing really heavily.  Another man insisted that I’m his long lost love from highschool. According to his voice, he was in his sixties, I am twenty four,” says a young girl.

“My cat just died…”

Now a customer is speaking.
“It was late afternoon and I was really sick of everything that day. So when a telemarketer called me and started with her  ‘How are you today?’, I responded something like: ‘So glad you ask! I was afraid nobody cares these days and I have so many problems right now: my wife left me, my job sucks, my cat just died…’”
This customer continued for five more minutes like this. When he started to complain about running out of all red M&Ms, the girl on the other side of a phone line began to laugh.
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Like Scrooge McDuck

Another customer’s story, this time from Reddit. A user with nickname hells_cowbells wrote this.
“I usually try not to slam telemarketers too hard, since it is a sucky job. This day, I was in a good mood, so I actually talked to them instead of the usual no. I kept trying to be polite, but this guy kept going. Finally, he said something like ‘Think of all the money you can save. Don't you want to save money?’

So I replied: ‘Nope. I have a big vault full of cash that I swim around in, just like Scrooge McDuck.’ That was one of the few times I ever heard dead silence from a telemarketer. I could then hear some stifled giggles as he thanked me for my time and hung up.”

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