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Get rid of the spam calls during holidays. 3 advises how to deal with telemarketing

Well, if there is no Xmas then the marketing should invent it. The proof is the number of unsolicited and spam calls appearing more than usually just before Xmas. How to deal with it? There is a few tips how to get rid of them all.

1. Download the Should I Answer application

The Should I Answer application is number one against the spam and unsolicited call blockers. It warns against 4 millions of unsolicited calls and blocks other 300 thousands daily.

This app is based on simple principle: when some unknown number calls you the app notifies you if the the number is something negative, unsolicited. It can recognize such numbers thanks to its huge database created directly from all users.

By the way this handy application can work all the year long not only during Xmas time :-) Download it for free for your Android mobile(Not an Android user? Let’s check the new app for your iPhone)

Average marketing call length is about 3,5 minute. Just the last December the Should I Answer app blocked more than 5 million of such calls saving nearly 300 thousands of hours for the mankind.

2. Switch you phone off

Who would dare to switch the phone off few years before... Today we live in more enlightened times. If you want to have really good and relaxed Xmas time - with the family, with good refreshment and Xmas movies - try to switch the phone off just for the holidays.

3. Throw the phone away and wait for Santa to give you another one

Rather radical solution which should not pay - but on the other hand is there some better time for the miracle than during Xmas? :-)

-> Download the app for your Android

(Not an Android user? Let’s check the new app for your iPhone)