For phone numbers in your location (United States) use

How to install the app

The installation is simple, and also our short wizard will help you to pass through it - the wizard will be displayed just after the first opening of the application.


So how to do it?

1. Download the application and open it

2. Confirm the "Terms of use" and "Privacy policy" - without this confirmation it is not possible to use the application. Please read both documents and if you agree just tick the agreement field.

3. Log-in using your Google account (you will gain at least just a few advantages: you will have a full control over your own ratings and you will be able to edit or delete your own phone reviews; more to it you can fully relay upon the automatic back-up of your data. e.g. in the case of changing the mobile phone)

Note: it's not compulsory to log-in - you can continue in using the app also as anonymous user, but in such case you're losing some of important app functions.

4. Confirm the system permissions the application needs for its functionality.

5. That's it :-)


And here is the list of the permissions our application should need for its functionality:

  • Access to your Contacts: without this permission we are not able to distinguish which number is unknown to you
  • Access to call log and call history: without this permission we are not able to check if and which number is calling
  • Set the application as default phone application: without this permission we are not able to grant that the app will work without problems. The Android system doesn't allow just "any" application to check and block the calls. Most of the important system functions are available and dedicated to the default system phone applications only, that's why most of such applications similar to our app need to be registered as a default phone application.