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How to report a problem?

We have collected the answers to your most frequently asked questions and the solutions of your most frequent problems here in this manual.


Haven't found the answer to your question?

Our support team will be glad to help you. Just report us the bug/issue using the form in the application - you can find it under the main menu (hamburger icon in the upper-left corner) under the Report problem menu item.

If you want us to be able to help you accurately please describe the problem in more details (what you have done, what happened, what result was expected and what was the real result). If the problem is caused by some specific phone number please write it to the problem description. Thank you!

Note.: If you use the application as a logged user the form will be sent with the e-mail connected with your account. If you send the form anonymously you will be asked to fill the contact e-mail address - it will be used by our team when sending the answer, please type it correctly.

By the way... Some problems are out of the hands of our support team. There are tens of mobile phone manufacturers and thousands different devices models. Many producers also modify the operating system to fulfill their needs and such actions mostly destroy the compatibility of the whole system. In the case your problem is due to such incompatibility we recommend to contact the manufacturer of your mobile phone and ask them for corrections.