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How much memory does the app need?

To avoid of missing a single call by the Should I Answer app the best solution is to let it run constantly in the background. This is the only way how we can warn you about the nuisance calls in the right time. The solution is smart - the application takes only the necessary amount of space not to "hinder" and not to slow your mobile phone down.

As any other application also the Should I Answer needs some space for its proper function. Unlike many other applications it doesn't slow your mobile phone down by its functionality.

We have designed the app to communicate with your mobile phone operating system directly. If the system asks us to free some memory for its function the app can do it by its own means, it throws the unnecessary data - so please don't be afraid of the relatively big numbers of the memory taken by our app.

If it would be still not enough for the system and it needs to release more of the memory then your mobile will postpone the app automatically. You don't have to touch it, the whole process is fully automatic. In this case you don't need any memory managers, your Android system can do all the work.