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New call alert

If your mobile operates with Android version at least 6+ then the application Should I Answer can work as a full dialer application. Then each time someone calls you we display common full screen alert (the application installed on older operating system versions can "only" display the classical readable pop-up alert window with call information).


Incoming call info includes

  • basic information about the number
  • number rating, so you can decide if the call could be a nuisance
  • access to users ratings with reviews
  • access to basic call functions:
    • dialer screen
    • microphone switch-off
    • loudspeaker switch-on
    • Bluetooth switch-on
    • hold call function

If you use the phone in the time of the call we display just a notification for the incoming call in a way which doesn't disturb you but in a way you will notice: the same notification you are used to from other applications. By taping on the notification you can directly accept or reject the call, or firstly display a full screen call info.