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Spam calls versus iPhone. Say goodbye to scammers with this new app

Get protection against spam calls for your iPhoneIt has been more than 3 years since we released the Should I Answer app for Android, which has been protecting you against all kind of spam calls. We have done a lot of work during this period: the app warns every day against 4 000 000 of spam calls, it blocks other 200 000 and saves average time of 63 000 seconds daily! But we didn’t take a break.

So, finally, we’re really lucky to introduce you the new Should I Answer app for iOS.

Protection against spam calls for your iPhone

What are the app's functions?

-> It will notify you of dangerous or unsolicited incoming calls...

-> … or it will block them straight away…

-> … and save your precious time.

-> LEARN MORE: What database does the app use? 

For who is this app meant to be?

For everybody, we hope :-) The installation of the Should I Answer application is not difficult. Just download it and then even your grandma can use it. The graphical interface is user-friendly and enables you to easily gain all the necessary information about incoming phone calls.

-> Get the iOS app

(Not an iOS user? Let's check the app for your Android)

Why is not this iOS app for free?

We’ve been thinking about how to do this for a really long time. We want to offer you a full service including regular updates (so you can really count on the app). However, since there are no adverts in the app itself, we were thinking about how to secure financing our programmers’ time (because the growing database of numbers needs daily maintaining).

That’s the reason, why we decided to add subscription to the iOS app. In our opinion, it’s the best way how to ensure your app will be well maintained and always saving your time as it should be. Hope you understand and stay with us :-)

-> Get the iOS app