For phone numbers in your location (United States) use

What are the application functions

1. If some unknown number calls the app displays its rating:

  • … either directly on the call screen
  • … or as a pop-up window which you can hide easily

2. Blocks undesired calls

  • Based on your settings
  • Protects also your voicemail - using the "Pick & Hang” function

3. Serves as fully equipped phone application. This includes:

  • Own call screen for incoming calls including the unknown phone rating
  • Complete call history
  • List of your Contacts including fast search
  • Favorite Contacts
  • Dialing keyboard including full-text context search

4. Offerings community functions

  • You can create and share the phone numbers reviews

5. The app incorporates Google account log-in

  • Single click log-in
  • As a logged user you have full control over your own ratings of unknown numbers (you can edit and delete them which is not possible for anonymous users)
  • Data backup - also the logged user has full access to own reviews and application settings after installing the app to new phone thanks to this single login