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About the service

Afraid of unknown numbers? You don’t have to be. With a little help of modern technologies, spam calls won’t be problem anymore. The Should I Answer app warns you against all kinds of unwanted calls. And if you like, it could block them completely.

How does it work? The Should I Answer app uses a unique database of (almost) all spam and telemarketing calls ever made. It consists of all numbers reported to Do Not Call Registry, numbers reported to Federal Communication Commision and of all community reviews from the Should I Answer App and from our website. Daily, the database grows by 30 000 new reviews.

That means: whenever an unknown number is calling, the app looks into the database. And if it’s a number with negative reviews, the app will warn you right away. Or, if you like, the app can block the unwanted call before you even notice it.

The Should I Answer app is an ultimate protection against all kinds of spam calls – and it’s all thanks to your reviews and participation. Thank you!

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