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Privacy Policy

This page explains our approach to privacy on all of our web services.

Short version

  • Information submitted in user's review will be available to the public.
  • We use 3rd party companies to serve ads on our pages. This companies use cookies to serve user based Ads.
  • We also collect anonymous statistic about your visit (for example which pages did you visit).

Collecting information

Information submitted in review will be available to the public. Please avoid to post any personal identifying information - we are not collecting any personal information. This information reflects commentator's opinion regarding the phone number and don't represent the opinion of our team. Infringement of Terms Of Use can results in partial or full removal of submitted review. We reserve the right to delete any review which infringe the rules for this service.

Third party advertising

We are using third party companies to serve ads on our websites. This companies may use cookies and independently collected information about your visit to provide best ads for you.

Measuring our visitors

We are using Google Analytics to measure visitors to our websites. These measurements record how you arrived at our site, what pages you view within the site and some information about your device. All information is anonymous and helps us to understand what we should improve in future. More information about Google Analyticis can be found here


This site uses cookies to improve website's usability. Cookies also helps us improve website security and minimse fraud, automated activity.

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy can be modified from time to time. We will keep this document in sync with technology standards we use.

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